Assessment Three: Dossier

The game that I have developed over the past few months or so, is a Medieval game inspired by Catan and Civilisation. From the last update, it has improved slightly, the physical form is still a work in progress, as I did not have the time or resources to fully complete all of the work I was hoping to, I do however have a reasonable amount of concept art for some of the cards. Because of its lack of physical form I didn’t get the chance to test the game with anyone.

It also has a name “Norvain Allegiance”, I wanted Allegiance, but that was already taken by something else. I’m not really happy with it, but the rest of the ideas were worse.  I didn’t get as far into the development of the game as I would have liked too which was disappointing. I did have fun with what I did manage to create,


  • The youngest player draws their character card first. Character cards must be drawn from a random deck of characters (this avoids fights and forces players to think strategically with their characters given benefits. It also stops the game from becoming stale, or too easy for players that always choose a character they know they can win with.)
  • Players may then choose a place on the map. Players choose at the same time, if two or more players choose the same section, they must initiate a fight or enter a trade negotiation. To start a fight over starting land each player will role a die, whom ever has the higher number wins the tile, the losing players must forfeit some of their starting items and move to another are. To negotiate, player set up a trade deal with the other participants for example, Player A will give Player B half of the first resource income from that land for two rounds. This continues until the players agree, it’s also best for people to write down the number of their resources.
  • Once everyone is settled they can begin building up there castle and armies. Players can choose to spend resources and trade among other players.
  • Players can also raid other players lands and take resources, if they fail the fight however, the other player can demand resources from your stores and you must either give them to them. If the player does not have enough resources to meet the other players demands they must either negotiate a deal, join an alliance. The winning player, if the resources are not met can also choose to subjugate the player, forcing them to hand over their land and armies.
  • The aim of the game is to turn all of the other players into their subjects and rise up as the king.


Amon: An exiled prince

  • Starts with more gold.
  • Gathering soldiers costs less resources

 Owena: A merchant

  • Starts with more of their chosen resource
  • Can trade twice per turn

Isolde: A hunter

  • Starts with more food.
  • Ranged and stealth armies do more damage and cost less.

Sawel: A builder

  • Starts with extra resource.
  • Building with their chosen resource costs less material

Wil: A sailor

  • Building navel fleets costs half the amount of resources

Eirlys: Exiled wife of a Grimwyd Lord

  • Starts with more gold
  • Magic is more powerful, wizards use less resources.

Morwyn: A Farmer

  • Starts with more food
  • Workers cost less, you can own a higher number of soldiers per barracks.

Cadman: A thief

  • Starts with higher resource
  • Can steal an extra resource when trading.


The names of places will be marked on the map and the boarder to all ‘landscapes’ will be marked with boarders as you would see on a typical map.

The way that Catan builds their maps allows for more reliability, but it’s at the expense of detailed game world-building, which is something as a storyteller, I couldn’t seem to part with. I wanted each wood to be distinguishable from the last woods. Players can always choose to invent their own maps to play with as well, so this form of board/map doesn’t really take away replay-ability for those that want to invent new stories.


This game is set in a place called Norvain Highlands, a wasteland filled with the exiled people of Grimwyd. You are one of the exiled and your goal is to claim the Norvain Highlands as your kingdom to rule over. To do this you must work together with the other exiled, trading your resources for theirs and slowly recruiting soldiers, magicians and workers.


I didn’t want there to be too many small pieces for this game, unfortunately with the nature of it’s mechanics it was inevitable.

There are lots of small pieces for the castles. I was looking at monopoly styled houses or even the building from Catan, except they will be more detailed and there will be different types of buildings I.e barracks vs castle.  

Below are a few examples of some character cards. The first one you see is the kind of aesthetic I am aiming for, a kind of art nouveau style. Obviously, the background of the character cards need to be filled and the character details need to be added as well. None of these cards renderings have been finished, most clearly the last two. I was going to include in depth character backgrounds on each character in the game rules pamphlet, along with some more flavor text.

Here you can see some of the studies I have done for some of the material cards, they are very rough at the moment, but with a couple more days of drawing rocks and wood over and over again, I should have the cards matching the quality of my portraits. My rendering of the wood is shown on the left hand side, the other images you see are only my references.


As a creative writer I had difficulty in understanding how to market this item. It is to my understanding that there is little popular interest in games of this type, aside from a few groups. I believe that this game will be best suited to people aged around 17-35 because of its length and complex mechanics.

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